Body Talk

Renee Griffith

I’m willing to bet on something. I bet you can list things about your body that you’d like to change faster than the things you love about it. I know I could. The stories we tell ourselves about, well, our selves, just aren’t the full picture. In talking to a lot of my friends about our bodies -- it seems we all have something. Whether it's bony feet, a flat chest, big hips, or a body that looks different postpartum, there's always something to see as ugly or imperfect. 

My feet have always been something I (and others!) have deemed unattractive. I’ve been told they resemble skis or are just really ugly. (Isn’t is crazy what people say sometimes?) I’ve wished I could change them, shrink them, I’ve hidden them, wore shoes that cover up my bumps and bones and long skinny toes. 

But all of that is so silly.  What if, rather than believing how ugly they are, I focused on a different story—all the good my feet have brought me?

They've allowed me to take my first steps as a child. They carried me through every race, athletic event and championship I played in, even collegiate volleyball! They’ve hiked me up mountains, swam me through oceans, and have danced so many goofy moves. They walked me down the aisle to the man of my dreams, and they have stood under me to see some really incredible places on this beautiful planet.

Whatever thing you might want to change on your body, I bet, if you really try, you can find the beauty instead. Thank your body. And believe how beautiful it is. I’d love for you to share with me here what beauty you find, or just try it this week!