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Living in south Florida, and especially since we put a pool in, we are constantly outside in the back yard. Since we use the covered back patio so often, I thought it could use a little refresh. Our dining table in particular was looking pretty rough after being exposed to the elements during Phoenix summers, Baltimore winters, and year round humid salt air here in Florida. We bought this painted wood table from World Market years ago, so it was finally time for a little facelift. So here's what it looked like pre-makeover.

I used our palm sander with 110 grit sandpaper to start stripping away the old flaking paint from the top. Honestly, I wasn't sure how sanding would go, if I'd even be able to stain it or if I'd have to paint it, but either way, the table needed a good sanding to prep for whatever was going on next. The paint came off pretty nicely, so I decided to keep going and remove all of the paint from the top. I just went over the legs quickly to knock down any rough spots, but knew I'd be painting them. (note - make sure you wear safety glasses and a mask if you're using a palm sander!) 

Here it is post-sanding after I started testing paint colors on the bottom: 

After I finished sanding, I wiped the whole table down really well with a damp towel and got any remaining sawdust out of the cracks. I had a few paint samples from another project and tested what it would look like with a grey base + wooden top - I liked it! So I painted the legs grey and finished with stain. I rubbed Valspar's Exterior Stain + Sealer in Cedar onto the top using a clean cotton rag. I wanted to keep the color relatively light to match the covered porch's wood ceiling, so I only did one coat. I really love that the seal/stain combo doesn't give a glossy finish to the wood. It sealed the wood great though, I dripped some water on it while watering a plant and all the water beaded right up! 

Here she is after the stain really had a chance to sink in and the paint was dry! 


Ta daaaaa! This project took about three days to complete -- working on it an hour here and there when I got home from work. Now when I walk out onto the back porch, seeing the table with new life breathed into it makes me so happy! We will definitely be eating out on the patio even more now!